From hard NO!! To emphatic YES! Anal play tips

These tips are for the MALE DOM partner trying to help his female sub learn to enjoy anal play and/or penetration. As a female I can speak from my own experiences. Some of these tips may apply to other genders too, but I did not use gender neutral pronouns for a reason. And that is because I am speaking purely and directly from my own experiences.

- Go really slowly!

- Over many sessions!

- Don't expect to ram your dick in her and go to town on the first try. 

- Use lots and lots of lube. My favorite lube is Passion Natural, but lube choice is a person preference. You can read the Run Down on Lubes blog post about lube options for more information and idea 

- And KEEP putting more on.

- I prefer an oil based (if not using condoms or toys). Coconut oil is my personal favorite!

-  Have her use a butt plug often. Here is a good beginner's Anal Training Kit

- Make sure she is super aroused and excited before anal play. 

- Maybe some sessions don't insert in her pussy at all. Get her aroused extremely but no insertion. So she is wanting to be entered badly anywhere by this point.

- Remember a little at a time over many different sessions is key as well as her being extremely aroused beforehand.

- Play with her ass a lot. Fingers, tongue, plugs etc. 

- Have her also please her own ass

- Stimulate her clit with a wand and wand attachments. Here are a few of my favorites: 

 Inspire Vibrating Ultimate Wand

 - Magic Wand Rechargeable