sub Vivian's personal cleaning process

Warning: This entry is very specific about my enema cleaning process.

My personal enema and cleaning process. From beginning to end, very detailed, specific and includes all the names and links of specific items I use.

I do not claim that there is on perfect prepping schedule or routine. Alot of it has to with your particular life schedule as well as your body’s schedule. 

For my personal schedule this is what I have found to work best.

Rarely, but once in a while I will do a “smooth move” tea at night 2 days before. Depending on what the upcoming session entails, what my recent movements and diet have been like recently. Also assuming I even have this much advance notice. Sometimes advance notice happens because we will be meeting other people to play with.

More often than not, but not always, I will start with a “cleaning” one day ahead. (more about my cleaning procedure to follow)

I use this hose system, Shower Enema System. And I use this attachment, Comfort Nozzle

I’ve added this hose and attachment to my shower nozzle, it is very easy to put on and remove as needed. I have one of those dual shower heads so its’ easy to replace the second head and hose with the enema attachment. Its also very easy to take off.

I bring in some sort of oil for lubing up the enema hose and myself. I typically prefer coconut oil and will use a small jar to put a portion of the oil in so I don’t potentially contaminate the whole container. I just scoop out a little more than what I need and toss the rest when I’m done.

Before I turn on the shower, make sure the hose and kit are attached properly. This is much easier to do when your hands are dry.

After getting the shower and cleaning everywhere thoroughly with regular body soap. Then I put a generous amount of oil on my fingers to place at the opening of my butt. Spend a minute to really spread the oil all over the opening and surrounding area and even slightly inside. I’ve noticed that a lot of people focus so much on the tiny opening and not enough on the surrounding area and skin. Maybe its because I have a big butt, I don’t know, but my skin tends to pull as I’m inserting, so I have found it extremely helpful to oil the surrounding skin as well as the actual opening.

Then add oil to the entire nozzle even if you don’t plan to use the length of it. I turn the valve to switch water flow over to the enema nozzle so that all the water coming out of the enema attachment. I test the water temperature on my inner forearm before using. Do not change the water temperature while the enema nozzle is inside of you. It should be as close to your body temperature as possible. Not too hot or too cold. So spend time making sure it is just right. If you have a shower that tends to switch over to hot and cold very quickly without warning, then I would not recommend this cleaning method.

Next, I slightly squat with my back towards the shower hose. I use one hand to slowly insert the tip of the enema hose, while just slightly pulling my opposite butt cheek.

So, for an average play situation you don’t really need to insert the nozzle very far at all. The water pressure will do most of the work. I just barely get the tip in maybe one or two inches and sort of jiggle as well. Take it out, let stuff fall out and repeat until clear. I will also use my fingers and scoop out if necessary, as well.

Sometimes I have gotten a little overzealous and inserted a lot further. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it has triggered a deeper cleanse which just takes much longer for my body to process and feel comfortable for play.

Two to four inches of insertion some wiggle and repeat until clear should be sufficient for the average play session.

If I’ve inserted more than twice I have found that I need to reapply some oil to myself and the enema attachment. I will also keeping checking the water temperature on my inner forearm.

I continue the rest of my normal shower to give my body time to process any movements. Extra helpful on those deep clean situations because there are feelings of needing to push something out even if there’s nothing there.

Once I get out and dry off, I use some lube to put in a butt plug. For this portion of time while I’m getting ready, this is my go-to plug Silicone Beads Plug . I use it like a dip stick, haha. I’ll keep checking it and putting it back in until I’m done getting dressed. This just gives me that extra piece of mind that I’m ready. Lastly when I’m all done I will put in the plug that my Dom instructs based on his particular preference.