What should a Dom ask a sub

“What questions should a beginner dominant ask a potential sub that will help them know if the sub is right for them?”

Contrary to common belief, not every sub is a right fit for every Dom. Remember all those questions and concerns you had dating as a vanilla single person? Now compound all those with much much more

Keep questions open ended to avoid yes or no answers. Each of these questions would likely insight a conversation that results in relevant follow up questions and answers.

What are your experiences as a sub?

What are your hard no's? 

Do you know your limits? 

What does your ideal Dom do to you/for you? 

What are you willing/unwilling to do for your ideal Dom? 

Are you comfortable with your ability to use your safe word? 

Is there anything that holds you back from using it? 

Do you have any physical, mental or medical conditions your Dom should know about? 

What does your ideal Dom/sub dynamic look like? 

What's your "stick" and what are your "carrots"? 

... so many more. 

Remember, many subs have likely been bombarded with many overly aggressive and rude people who call themselves a Dom. You should be considering if they are right for you and your Dom style. But keep in mind many subs have encountered regretful situations because they opened up and trusted too soon, or to the wrong person.