Wish you knew how to make her squirt?

Wish you knew how to make her squirt?

"I wanna learn to squirt"

"I want to make my girl squirt, can you teach me the technique"

"I want my girl to squirt, can you give me some tips"

First of all, rule number one:

Stop analyzing or worrying if it's "pee" ... because for her it's gonna feel like peeing ... and if there's even the slightest inhibition that is rooted in shame for peeing then squirting is just never going to happen for you/her.

Like doing anal, if all you think about and talk about and worry about is, what about poop, then you’ve set the stage for embarrassment and shame.

Vs. Oops, there's some mess, let's pause and clean up and start over.

No big deal, move on.

Same goes with squirting. She has to be so relaxed and enjoying herself that the concern or fear of peeing is over powered by feeling so good and free.

Here's a real life example that may potentially alleviate some concern for "pee". 

The first time I squirted accidently, I wasn't trying for it, I didn't even know I was capable. I was feeling so good, I had no time to think of shame or concern of what it actually was, until a few days later.

This was maybe/almost 15 years ago. Now, for the most part, I am mostly able to calm myself enough to achieve this with almost anyone. It's more about me being able to allow myself to enjoy the moment then the actual technique itself. Although there is in fact a specific technique that always works whether I want it to or not. Lucky for my partner he was able to achieve this technique quite quickly. I'm not sure that this technique necessarily makes every girl squirt though.

Another point that we noticed, for those still concerned with pee. I can use the restroom right before sex, literally minutes before squirting, I will have a huge slightly yellow (normal) pee. Then have a huge flood of orgasmic squirt. Then immediately after, go have a full pee again. Meanwhile, the squirt mess that I just made, soaking the floor or sheets or whatever, is clear liquid and somewhat sweet smelling. So please tell me how you can consider that type of release, pee?

Personally, for the irony, I do actually call it pee. It lightens the stigma of shame around it being pee, for me. He says omg, you squirted so much! Where did that come from, it must have felt so good, how was it? ... I say, oh it's just pee.